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Overview of the last changes

More Informative and Easy to Use

All the new main features of Sunny Portal at a glance

December 12: Limiting of the Active Power Feed-In & New Page "Analysis"

Sunny Home Manager: With immediate effect, the Sunny Portal with Sunny Home Manager allows the limitation of the active power fed into the utility grid - either to a fixed value or to a percentage of the nominal PV system power. If the generated PV power minus the value for self-consumption reaches the indicated value, the Sunny Home Manager prevents further increase in PV generation.


Analysis: A new "Analysis" page is available for PV systems with Sunny WebBox, Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth, Sunny Home Manager and Cluster Controller. Here, you can graphically present and evaluate the most important data and events of your PV system without additional configuration. A flexible and intuitively operable user interface will support you.


October 12: Webconnect

Communication: The direct data transmission from the inverter to the Sunny Portal – without the need for additional SMA devices – is one of the greatest advantages of Webconnect.

PV System Monitoring: Webconnect – the perfect solution for residential PV system operators who want to monitor their inverters and access inverter data online using Sunny Portal. The new SMA technology makes it possible – no data logger required – and for up to four inverters per Sunny Portal system.

PV System Overview: With the help of the Sunny Portal live interface you can always see the most up-to-date status and the current power output of your PV system.

Aktuelle Leistung

March 12: Sunny Home Manager

Aktueller Status

Energy Management: The Sunny Home Manager is the control center for the SMA Smart Home, our integrated energy management solution. The various system elements Sunny Home Manager, Sunny Portal, the SMA radio-controlled sockets, the Sunny Island storage system, and of course the SMA inverter are ideally matched.

PV System Monitoring: The Sunny Home Manager provides seamless and convenient monitoring for all residential PV systems.

Sunny Portal Live Interface: The status screen shows the current power data in both animated live graphic- and numerical value forms.


August 2011: Feed-in Management

Power Reducer Box: The Power Reducer Box is as of now visible as a device in Sunny Portal. See the current device status and the grid operator's specifications on feed-in management for your PV system.

Immediate notification: As of now, you can choose to be notified via e-mail from Sunny Portal, in case of modified feed-in management specifications by the grid operator.

Evaluation: The new "Feed-in management" page informs you clearly about all of the grid operator's specifications for active power limitation and, where applicable, for reactive power output.


July 10: Average Yield Expectations

Monthly distribution of expected annual yields: Based on PV system location and sun position Sunny Portal suggests a distribution of the annual yield. Worldwide.

Device Configuration: A new assistant helps adding and replacing devices in existing PV systems.


December 09: Reporting adjustment

Report creation: Thanks to fundamental revision, the report creation is faster and more reliable.

Significant subject: Number and type of events can already be identified from the subject of the e-mail. By forwarding event reports to an SMS service, you will be informed in more detail in the future.

Optimized workflow: PV system logbook and report configuration can be accessed directly from the event report.

Energy and Power

New standard page "Energy and Power"

An overview of energy values for day, month, year and the total runtime is now available as standard for every PV system in Sunny Portal.


Additional functions:

Sending pages: Links to the presentation in the publicly available area of can now easily be sent via e-mail.

Table with specific inverter yield: A new default table shows the specific yield for every active inverter containing the current day, month and year plus the meter reading of the total yield.

Date for the entire page: If more than one table and / or chart are displayed on one page, the date for all elements of the page can be changed.

Sunny Portal

October 09: New functions for presentation and analysis

The introduction page

The introduction page

The calling card for your PV system. This introduction page is the starting point for your visitors in Sunny Portal. Here, you can create an appealing introduction for your company and PV system. Useful information can be seen at a glance. If you have several PV systems to manage in Sunny Portal, you can present these simply and uniformly.

The annual comparison

The annual comparison

The summer was extremely sunny? How does that affect the yield of your PV system? The new annual comparison feature enables you to see the yields of your PV system in a compact overview.


Additional functions:

Revised PV system features: all the data for your PV system is consolidated at one central point.

Sorting function: as of now, all tables can be newly sorted by one click, thus simplifying your analysis.

Slide shows: pictures that you have published on the online platforms Flickr or Picasa can now be easily linked as a slide show.

HTML editor: compose texts in Sunny Portal as you are used to from your normal editing program.

Picture management: with the new picture gallery, you can manage your pictures and logos for your PV system.

Simplified menu: with improved navigation, you can find what you are looking for even more quickly.

Stay "logged on": save the time needed for entering your user details - as of now you always stay logged on in Sunny Portal.

Sunny Portal

August 09: New functions for PV system monitoring

Communication monitoring

Being even better informed: monitoring the communication between
Sunny WebBox and Sunny Portal

PV systems with the professional data logger Sunny WebBox regularly send measuring and event data to the Sunny Portal. Should this communication be disturbed, you can choose to be informed about this matter in future. Sunny Portal reminds you in case of persistent disturbance and gives the all-clear as soon as communication is re-established.
And those who want to have even more details: the time of the last contact with the PV system is displayed in Sunny Portal at any time.

Inverter comparison

Inverter comparison: evaluating the inverters' yield automatically

The performance of PV systems with at least two Sunny Boy or Sunny Mini Central inverters can be evaluated with a yield comparison. The specific yield of the inverters is compared and Sunny Portal informs the operator in case a defined threshold is exceeded. With few settings, you determine which devices are to be compared. And it is possible to configure the alarming threshold on your own: in case of deviations you receive a daily email from Sunny Portal.

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